Independent label: V.I.P Records operating out of 21 Nassau Road, Barnes, in the '70s, which is the same address as that of John Hassell Recordings. The only V.I.P. products that I'd seen were LPs by Tom Burke, which were numbered in the VIP-100s and were presumably actually issued by John Hassell - his studio appears to have been generally a custom recording concern. The Rumpel Stiltskin EP pictured has a John Hassell catalogue number, so it is a product of that studio, and it's on a V.I.P. label, which leads me to wonder if this is an actual John Hassell release, as opposed to a custom recording job. There's no date on it, but HAS LP-4074 was made in 1978 and HAS LP-5006 in 1980, which suggests that 1979 is probably a reasonable bet.  The Fairfield Welles responsible for the backing was a Manchester group which won 'New Faces' in the late '70s; by September 1980 it had undergone a name change to Exposť, which again nudges us towards 1979.  Tracks on the EP were 'Nights In White Satin', 'Apache', 'Hang On Sloopy' and 'How Deep Is Your Love'. Distributed By V.I.P Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Rumpel Stiltskin The Rumpel Stiltskin EP V.I.P HAS EP 4090

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