Independent label: Vibes Records was a label from the Punk / New Wave era, operating out of Bury. It released at least three singles, in a VR-000 numerical series, during 1978-79, two of which were by The Reducers.  Distribution was by Wynd-Up and Spartan. Another single on a Vibes label, 'Parades Of Glory', by White Fire; this was released two months after VS-003, but it is numbered in a different catalogue series, as 98DB-100, so it may have been released by a different Vibes company.  The White Fire single was distributed by Pinnacle. The Reducers is from the late 1970's and was a post-punk band from Bury, Lancashire in the United Kingdom and consisted of Raggy F.C. on vocals, Graham Barstow on drums, Roy Tynan on guitar and Stuart Lyons on bass. They released two singles on Vibes records. The first (VR-001) was released in 1978 and had "Things Go Wrong" on the A side and "We Are Normal" on the B side. The second (VR-003) was released in 1979 and had "Man With A Gun" on the A side and "Vengeance / Can't Stop Now" on the B side. By this time Stuart Lyons and Graham Barstow had left the band to be replaced by Pil Odell and Steve Rutter. The band then signed to EMI but they split before releasing anything. There are a few demo copies of what would of been their first single with EMI floating around (EMI 5028) with "Airways" on the A side and "Waiting for No-One" on the B side. "We Are Normal". Fran Raya is a female singer/songwriter from Manchester. She changed her stage name to ‘Fran Barrie’ and her husband Robert became her Manager. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Reducers Things Go Wrong VIBES  VR 001
79 Fran Barrie  Stole All My Love VIBES  VR 002
79 Reducers   Man With A Gun   VIBES  VR 003

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