Independent label: Verve Records was started by Norman Grantz; he sold it to MGM in the mid '60s, and in the '70s it settled down with that company to become part of the Polydor family.  The Verve single which most people remember is the Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto version of 'The Girl from Ipanema', which was a hit in Britain as well as in the States.  Verve was always more of an albums label than a singles one; the few singles it put out in the '70s tended to be reissues of past hits by people such as Ella Fitzgerald.  Throughout the '60s Verve's records were handled by EMI in this country.  At first the name appeared merely as a logo on EMI's HMV label but in October 1962 it appeared as a label in its own right.  At this point its singles began to be numbered in a VS-500 series.  Demos for this VS-500 series followed the standard EMI pattern for the most part, being white with a large red 'A' until 1966 and green with a large white 'A' in 1967; in or around 1968, when MGM adopted pink with a large silver 'A' for its demo label colours, Verve did the same. In 1966 a new fawn-coloured label appeared, running in tandem with the old black one. The first six releases on the fawn label had a new logo, 'Verve Folkways', and had numbers in the VS-1500s.  The material on it generally had a 'contemporary singer / songwriter' slant. After a slight hiatus the Folkways series was relaunched as 'Verve Forecast' , with numbers starting from VS-1510.  This label kept going into the 1970s, and has enough of a discrete identity to deserve its own page.  When MGM moved to Polydor, which happened in late 1970 or early 1971, Verve went with it. At that point the catalogue numbers changed: Polydor family labels came with seven-figure catalogue numbers, the first digit of which was always a '2'; the series allotted to Verve's singles (standard and Forecast alike) for Britain and the rest of Europe, was 2009-000. In the following year, however, the Verve label seems to have been shelved in Britain, as far as singles are concerned, though it continued on the continent. The very occasional single came out over here in the '70s, '80s and '90s, but releases were few and far between and they appear to have been reissues rather than new recordings. Though there were several 1970s issues on Verve Forecast the Ella Fitzgerald single 'Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye' (2009-017) which came out in March 1971 was the only '70s British release on the actual Verve label, and is the record which qualifies the label for a place on this site.  Originally released in 1957 - which explains the date on the label - it had also been re-released in 1971 on Verve Forecast with the same catalogue number but with 'Manhattan' as the 'A' side.. Distributed By Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Richie Havens  There'S A Hole In The Future / Minstrel From Gault  VERVE FORECAST 2009 001
70 Tim Hardin If I Were A Carpenter VERVE 2009 002
70 Righteous Brothers Woman, Man Needs Ya VERVE 2009 003
70 Richie Havens Handsome Johnny MGM 2009 004
70 Not Traced VERVE 2009 005
70 Tim Hardin  Hang On To A Dream VERVE FORECAST 2009 006
70 Louis Armstrong  Stormy Weather VERVE 2009 007
70 Ella Fitzgerald  Summertime / Stompin' At The Savoy VERVE 2009 008
70 Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd  Desafinado / Samba De Uma Nota So  VERVE 2009 009
70 Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto  The Girl From Ipanema / Desafinado ? VERVE 2009 010
70 Ella Fitzgerald  Mack The Knife / The Lady Is A Tramp  VERVE 2009 011
70 Oscar Peterson  Night Train / Liza VERVE 2009 012
70 Jimmy Smith  The Cat / Respect VERVE 2009 013
70 Wes Montgomery  Bumpin' / Love Theme From The Sandpiper VERVE 2009 014
71 Jimmy Smith  Respect / The Cat VERVE 2009 015
71 Astrud Gilberto  Sing Me A Rainbow  VERVE FORECAST 2009 016
71 Ella Fitzgerald  Manhattan  VERVE FORECAST 2009 017
71 Artie Butler  Feelin' Alright VERVE 2009 018
71 Astrud Gilberto  La Sombra De Tu Sonrisa / Trenes, Barcos Y Aviones  VERVE 2009 019
72 Nino Tempo Orchestra / April Stevens  The Story Of Love  VERVE 2009 020
72 Not Traced VERVE 2009 021
72 The Blobs  Son Of Blob / Party Pooper  VERVE 2009 022
72 Not Traced VERVE 2009 023
72 Not Traced VERVE 2009 024
72 Lalo Latin Soul / Dirty Harry  VERVE 2009 025
72 Righteous Brothers  He  VERVE 2009 026
73 Louis Armstrong  Uncle Satchmo'S Lullaby  VERVE 2009 027
73 Ella Fitzgerald  Mr. Paganini  VERVE 2009 028
74 Ellie Greenwich Luego Me Beso (And Then He Kissed Me) VERVE 2009 029
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 030
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 031
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 032
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 033
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 034
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 035
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 036
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 037
74 Not Traced VERVE 2009 038
74 Spike Jones  Black And Blue Danube Waltz  VERVE 2009 039

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