Independent label: Vengenace Records from the Punk / New Wave days, Vengenace was owned by Punk group the Only Ones.  Its first release, 'Lovers Of Today' (VEN-001; 8/77), brought the band to the attention of CBS and earned them a contract with that company; at which point the Vengeance label was shelved.  It was revived in 1983 for a second single, this time credited to Peter Perrett & The Only Ones, 'Silent Night' b/w 'Baby's Got A Gun' (VEN-002; 1/83). Distribution of the first single was by Lightning. The Only Ones are an English rock band, formed in London in 1976 and originally disbanded in 1982. The Only Ones were originally formed in August 1976 in South London by Peter Perrett. Perrett had been recording demos since 1972, and in late 1975 he was looking for a bass player. He was introduced to John Perry as a possible candidate, but Perry wanted to concentrate on playing guitar instead. By August 1976, Perry and Perrett had found drummer Mike Kellie (ex-Spooky Tooth) and bass guitarist Alan Mair, who previously had success with the Scottish band The Beatstalkers. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Only Ones Lovers Of Today VENGEANCE VEN 001
83 Pettett Peter & Only Ones Baby'S Got A Gun VENGEANCE VEN 002

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