Venal Records was a DIY label from West Yorkshire, owned by Steve Musson. Venal issued at least one single, 'Everyday' b/w 'Before We Came Together', by Rock band Blush (PMB-117; 1979).  In addition it put out a couple of cassettes by the band, 'Totally Up' (CELL-2; 7/80) and 'Hooked Up Solid (CELL-3). Musson was the band's manager, as well as the label's. The single had a handstamped white label in true DIY fashion, though the stamping on one of the sides was more ambitious than is usual. Distributed By TS Records. Blush emerged out of a Youth Club band based in the mining village of South Elmsall near Pontefract, in West Yorkshire. In 1977 a new singer saw the start of a move into more aggressive type of rock and early signs of a great stage show and live performance. Music and attitudes were changing and so was the band.  During this period 'Steve Musson' took an interest in and in particular to the Mansfield / Nottingham area where they built up a massive following. By 1979 original material had started to creep into the set and in September the band ventured into their first recording studio (actually a 4 track recorder in a garage in Knottingley, West Yorkshire).  “Everyday” was the A side of a 7” single on the bands own Venal label, a limited edition pressing of only 500 copies. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Blush Everyday VENAL  PMB  117

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