Independent label: Velvet Records was a subsidiary of Peerless Records, Velvet issued at least four singles during 1977-78, none of which made any great impression.  A listen to the Xanadu single pictured, and a look at the catalogue, suggests that the company dealt mainly in straightforward Pop music, though the Heart Throb single, 'Ain't It Strange' (VEL-104; 1/ 78) is reported to have been a New Wave sort of thing.  By contrast the company's albums seem to have been in the Trad / Jazz area, if the two I have seen listed are anything to go by: they were 'All The Things You Are' by the Jack Dieval Trio (VELP-1000) and George Chicholm's 'In A Mellow Mood' (VELP-1002).  Numbering of the singles was in a VEL-100 series; Distribution was by Lugton and H. R. Taylor. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Xanadu  Baby Face VELVET VEL 100
77 Not Traced VELVET VEL 101
77 Lambeth Leon Looking At Myself VELVET VEL 102
78 Xanadu  Mr Dice Man VELVET VEL 103
78 Heart Throb Ain'T It Strange VELVET VEL 104

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