Velvet Moon Records was a DIY label. It was brought into being by Paul Roland just for the purpose of issuing the single 'Oscar Automobile' b/w 'Ancient and Square' by a band called Weird Strings.  It came out in 1979, with a catalogue number of VM-1, through Rough Trade. Oddly, the label put out another VM-1 in 1980, this time by Midnight Rags; again it featured 'Oscar Automobile', this time coupled with a song entitled 'The Cars That Ate New York'.  Were the two Oscars the same track, or were they different versions?  The 1980 label was white with black printing, and it featured a picture of a figure, probably Pan, playing some kind of a woodwind instrument, with a moon in the background.  The Weird Strings single has been described as being reminiscent of T. Rex.  The singles was recorded at Oakwood Recording Studios. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Weird Strings  Oscar Automobile VELVET MOON VM 1
80 Midnight Rags  The Cars That Ate New York VELVET MOON VM 2

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