Independent Irish label: Velvet Record Label was launched in 1971 by Jimmy Smith of the Mighty Avons. The label confined itself to Country & Irish music for the most part. But VE 035 by Brotherly Love was a pop single written and produced by John D'Ardis. Velvet Records Former Address: 16 Bridge Street, Cavan, Ireland.

71 Tommy Fee & The Cajun Sound  The Engineer's Child / Home Sweet Home VELVET VE 001
71 Jim Leanord And The Annalees O Mary Dear VELVET VE 002
71 Des Wilson & The Big Country Swiss Cottage Place VELVET VE 003
71 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons I'd Rather Love And Lose You  VELVET VE 004
71 Dan Brennan Roisin Dubh VELVET VE 005
71 Evelyn And The Envoys Each Season Changes You VELVET VE 006
71 Paddy McDevitt & The Northern Lights  Little Isle of Green / A Little Guy Called Joe VELVET VE 007
71 Gloria & The Cascades Punish Me Tomorrow  VELVET VE 008
71 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons Don't Go VELVET VE 009
71 Brendan Quinn And The Signs Help Me Make It Through The Night VELVET VE 010
71 Brian Harkin And The Annalees Shelly's Winter Love VELVET VE 011
71 Des Wilson And The Big Country Average People VELVET VE 012
72 Brendan Quinn And Cades County In The Arms Of A Heartache VELVET VE 013
72 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons Kiss An Angel Good Morning VELVET VE 014
72 The Rocky Tops Happy Heart / Cherokee Spring VELVET VE 015
72 Des Wilson And The Big Country I Know One VELVET VE 016
72 The Rocky Tops Rocky Top / Walk Me To The Door VELVET VE 017
72 Brendan Quinn & Cades County Four In The Morning / Silver Tongued Devil & I VELVET VE 018
72 Bill Quinn Four Walls VELVET VE 019
72 Brotherly Love  My Kind of Girl / 21st Rock Jig  VELVET VE 020
72 Jimmy Smith And The Mighty Avons Ballad Of A Hillbilly VELVET VE 021
72 Frank Coll And The Big Valley Shelly's Winter Love VELVET VE 022
72 Hugh McLean & The Envoys Santa And The Kids / Louisiana Man VELVET VE 023
72 Gene Stuart And The Mighty Avons Souvenir Hits Of Gene Stuart VELVET VE 024
72 Terry Donnolly Backed By The Good Time Charlies They Made It 21 VELVET VE 025
73 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons To See My Angel Cry VELVET VE 026
73 Tommy Fee & Cajun Sound Seven Years With A Wonderful Woman VELVET VE 027
73 The Moogie Men The Curragh Of Kildare VELVET VE 028
73 Brendan Quinn & Cades County  My Hang Up Is You / You've Got VELVET VE 029
73 Evelyn And The Envoys Song To Sing VELVET VE 030
73 Doc Carroll & The Nightrunners Little Susie VELVET VE 031
73 Frank Coll And The Big Valley To-day I Started Loving You Again  VELVET VE 032
73 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons One Day At A Time  VELVET VE 033
73 Gene Stuart The Longer You Wait / The Dark Side of Fame VELVET VE 034
73 Brotherly Love  Dark In The Dawn VELVET VE 035
73 Brendan Quinn Ravishing Ruby VELVET VE 036
73 Brendan Hughes And The Huskies Irma Jackson VELVET VE 037
73 April And The Silver Pennies One Tin Soldier VELVET VE 038

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