Independent label: VC Records was a fleeting member of the President Records stable. VC was one of two labels owned by David Williams' 'Vogue Choice' management agency, the other being Strawberry. VC was intended for MOR material, Strawberry for more teen-orientated acts.  Sadly neither of them seem to have lasted very long, though Strawberry proved to be the more prolific of the two, if not by much. The only VC record I have ever happened upon, or seen listed, is the one shown, Gerry Monroe's, 'Reconsider Me' (VC-1010; 1975).  Its catalogue number suggests that there ought to be at least nine others out there, but it appears to be a one-off.  Gerry Monroe is the same artist who had Chart success on Chapter One in the early '70s, but his VC single failed to tickle the Top 75 despite its containing some surprising falsetto moments.  Demoes and early copies of the single had his name spelled incorrectly, as 'Munroe'; later ones had the correct spelling. Distributed By President Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Munroe Gerry  Reconsider Me VC VC 1010

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