Independent label: Vasko Records appears to have mainly been an outlet for performances, or productions, by Ray Williams, its owner; he wrote and produced the titles on VSK-054, produced both sides of 052, and sang on numerous others.  The material appearing on Vasko seems to have been a mixture of soulful ballads and Reggae; singles were numbered in a VSK-050 series, and were released from 1974 to 1984.  The company handled its own distribution. It issued albums as well as singles; catalogue numbers, which were in the VSKLP-000s, ran to at least VSKLP-005.  Distributed By Vasko Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Williams Ray Growing Old VASKO VSK 050
74 Rythym Riders Beautiful Grenada VASKO VSK 051
75 Rhytham Riders Live A Good Life VASKO VSK 052
77 Williams Ray ItS Been A Long Time VASKO VASKO 053
77 Social Security Miss World VASKO VSK 054
77 Williams Ray Thank You VASKO VSK 055
77 Williams Ray Growing Old VASKO VSK 056
78 Williams Ray Strangers VASKO VSK 057
79 Williams Ray Cosmopolitan London VASKO VSK 058
79 Ray Williams  Cosmopolitan London (12") VASKO VSK 059
79 Williams Ray Soul In My Heart VASKO VSK 060
79 Not Issued VASKO VSK 061
80 Social Security Your Love To Me VASKO VSK 062
80 Ray Williams  Emily/I Thank You (12") VASKO VSK 063
80 Ray Williams  The Wedding Song (I Take This Woman) (12") VASKO VSK 064
80 Williams Raphael Mama IM Coming Home VASKO VSK 065
83 Ray Williams And Pauline Peart  We Are Happy People (12") VASKO VSK 066
84 Zagada Come Closer To Me Baby (12") VASKO VSK 067

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