Independent label: Vanguard was set up by Seymour and Maynard Solomon in the early 1950s as a Classical Music label.  During the course of that decade it expanded its interests to include Jazz and Folk; the '60s and '70s saw it embracing Blues, Rock, Disco and even Electronic music.  Vanguard can claim to have issued the first legitimate Bob Dylan tracks, but it was Joan Baez, Doc Watson and Country Joe & the Fish who first brought success to the label in the USA.  Baez's records appeared on Fontana over here until 1968; she had several hits, but only one on Vanguard.  The company was never all that successful in Britain, as far as singles were concerned: in addition to the Joan Baez hit, Buffy Sainte-Marie had one in 1972, and the Players Association had three in 1979-80.  Seymour Solomon sold the company to the Welk Record Group, of California, in 1986; he bought the Classical Music division back in 1990, for sentimental reasons, and started to re-release its albums under the Vanguard Classics banner.   Under the Welks the label continued to issue material, albeit sporadically. In Britain, the company's records were handled by Pye in the late 1950s and possibly the early '60s.   The few 7" releases were EPs; they had EPP-14000 numbers and a blue label.  By 1962 the deal with Pye had ended.  From this point Vanguard products were issued on Philips's 'Fontana' label; an arrangement which continued until 1968, when the Vanguard label reappeared with a new design.  Manufacture and distribution were still by Philips.  These Vanguard singles were initially numbered in a VA-0 series; this changed briefly to 6076-250 in 1970.  The label moved to RCA in1971, from which point singles seem to have been issued in two separate contemperaneous numerical series, VRS-35000 and VAN-1000.  The VRS series was used by Vanguard in the USA from at least the early '60s; it was adopted by the British arm late on and for a comparatively short time, which accounts for some of the gaping holes in the discography.  There were variations in colour between the 'A'-sides and 'B'-sides.   In 1975 Pye took over manufacture and distribution; the label design remained basically the same, but the variation in colour between the sides was abandoned.  During this second Pye period, singles were given VS-5000 catalogue numbers. Thank to Robert Lyons For the info. Distributed By Phillips and Pye Records.

70 Country Joe & Fish Up and around the band VANGUARD 6076 250
70 Baez Joan Joe hill VANGUARD 6076 251
71 Country Joe Mcdonald Hold on it's coming VANGUARD 6076 252
71 Buffy Sainte-Marie She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina VANGUARD VAN 1001
71 Baez Joan Let It Be VANGUARD VAN 1002
71 Dave Loggins Good Side Of Tomorrow VANGUARD VAN 1003
72 Dave Loggins Old Enough To Know VANGUARD VAN 1004
72 Perrey Jean Jacques   Gossipo Perpetuo VANGUARD VAN 1005
73 Mcdonald Country Joe Fantasy VANGUARD VAN 1006
73 Baez Joan Love Is Just A Four Letter Word VANGUARD VAN 1007
73 Perrey Jean Jacques The Minuets Of The Robots VANGUARD VAN 1008
74 Morath Max Entertainer VANGUARD VAN 1009
71 Rooftop Singers Walk right in VANGUARD VRS 35017
71 Hanna Aroni Bashana Haba'Ah (Anytime Of The Year) VANGUARD VRS 35136
71 Baez Joan Night they drove  dixie down VANGUARD VRS 35138
72 Sainte-Marie Buffy I'm gonna be a country girl again VANGUARD VRS 35143
72 Chargers You gotta be a lady VANGUARD VRS 35146
72 Sainte-Marie Buffy Mister can't you see VANGUARD VRS 35151
72 Clean Living In heaven there is no beer VANGUARD VRS 35162
72 Loggins Dave Think'n of you VANGUARD VRS 35167
72 Anderson Al We're make love VANGUARD VRS 35168

75 Bell Benny Shaving cream VANGUARD VS 5001
75 Sainte-Marie Buffy She used to wanna be a ballerina VANGUARD VS 5002
75 Mitchell Grover What hurts VANGUARD VS 5003
75 Sainte-Marie Buffy I'm gonna be a country girl again VANGUARD VS 5004
76 Not Traced VANGUARD VS 5005
77 Players Association Disco inferno VANGUARD VS 5006
77 White Joe Jnr Marco polo VANGUARD VS 5007
77 Not Traced VANGUARD VS 5008
78 Paxton Tony Death of steve biko VANGUARD VS 5009
79 Mandell Mike Peg VANGUARD VS 5010
79 Players Association Turn the music up VANGUARD VS 5011
79 Players Association Ride the groove VANGUARD VS 5012
79 Ring Savage lovers VANGUARD VS 5013
79 Poussez Never gonna say goodbye VANGUARD VS 5014
79 Poussez Come on do it VANGUARD VS 5015
80 Players Association We got the groove VANGUARD VS 5016
80 Players Association The get down mellow mellow sound VANGUARD VS 5017
80 Not Traced VANGUARD VS 5018
81 Free Expression Chill out VANGUARD VS 5019
81 Players Association Get on up now VANGUARD VS 5020
81 Griffith Roni Mondo man VANGUARD VS 5021
82 Griffith Roni Best bart of breaking up VANGUARD VS 5022
82 Fonda Rae Over like a fat rat VANGUARD VS 5023
81 Williams Carol You've reached the bottom line VANGUARD VS 5024
83 Griffith Roni Breaking my heart VANGUARD VS 5025

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