Independent label: Vallium Records was from Newcastle-On-Tyne. Vallium issued three singles and an LP during 1979-81, all of which were by local band White Heat. The records were marketed by Mawson & Wareham and distributed by Spartan. White Heat was Formed in 1976 and soon found themselves to be an integral part of the North East music scene, their brand of high energy rock attracting a strong local following. The band, based around the songwriting partnership of Alan Fish and Bob Smeaton, also included the brilliant guitarist Bryan Younger, Col Roberts on bass  and, on drums was John Miller. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 White Heat Nervous Breakdown VALLIUM VAL 01
80 White Heat Finished With The Fashions VALLIUM VAL 02
81 White Heat City Beat VALLIUM VAL 03

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