Valer Records was a DIY label. It managed at least two singles. The Manchester-based label from the Punk years, Valer is respected in Punk circles for issuing an LP, Further Temptations', and a single, 'Bone Idol' (VRS-1; 10/77) by The Drones.   It operated from 1977 to 1978, and was distributed by Wynd Up. The Drones are a punk rock band from Manchester. For a period of time, the band were in their early days produced and managed by Paul Morley. One critic wrote: "Bonafide DIY three-chord wonders, the Drones were there at punk’s inception. Formed in Manchester in 1975, the band started out as a pub rock outfit called Rockslide and released a single called "Roller Coaster". When this failed to make an impact, they reinvented themselves as a punk rock band. In 1976, The Drones made their debut at the Houldsworth Hall, Manchester with Generation X as support. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Drones I Just Want To Be Myself VALER VRS 1
77 Not Issued VALER VRS 2
77 Not Issued VALER VRS 3
77 Not Issued VALER VRS 4
96 Drones Be My Baby VALER VRS 5

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