Independent label: Utopia Records was part of the Mercury label with a Utopia logo on it. However, singles on this Utopia / Mercury hybrid had their own catalogue series, TANGO-0, and some of them came in a company sleeve; given that degree of individuality, they just about squeezed on to the site.  In 1977 Phonogram had signed a deal to market Utopia's records worldwide, but the agreement seems not to have run to a discrete label identity.  The company was owned by producer Phil Wainman, a stalwart of the Glam years, and was linked to his Utopia studios and music publishing firm.  It scored a novelty Top 20 hit with its first single, Richard Myhill's, 'It Takes Two To Tango', mainly by virtue of making it available in square form (TANGO-1) as well as in the usual round shape (6007-167; 3/78).  It was the first time that a differently-shaped record had been issued, and it started something of a craze for shaped singles, but the novelty wore off eventually.  Subsequent Utopia singles were round and were less successful.  The agreement with Phonogram seems not to have lasted into the '80s, which indicates that it may have been a three-year one.  In 1982 Utopia had another go at issuing records, this time through PRT; this time around it received a proper individual label identity.  Numbering in this new incarnation was in a UTO-0 series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Richard Myhill It Takes Two To Tango UTOPIA 6007 167
78 Richard Myhill It Takes Two To Tango UTOPIA TANGO 1
78 Richard Myhill Something More UTOPIA TANGO 2
78 The Upstarts Beggin' UTOPIA TANGO 3
79 Lynda Virtu  Treat Me Like A Woman UTOPIA TANGO 4
79 Not Issued UTOPIA TANGO 5
79 Richard Myhill While London Dances UTOPIA TANGO 6
79 Lynda Virtu  You Are My Life UTOPIA TANGO 7
79 Lynda Virtu  Warm Night  UTOPIA TANGO 8
79 TCOJ  (I Found) Love On the Disco Floor UTOPIA TANGO 9
82 Julie & Jams 1-2-3 UTOPIA UTO 1
82 Dave Bartram Black Ice UTOPIA UTO 2
83 Zero Bernie Q Numbers Man UTOPIA UTO 3
83 Harris Chopper Escargot A La Bongo UTOPIA UTO 4

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