US Records was a DIY label. And the successor to the Helpless Huw's 'Universal Spirit' label.  US seems to have been responsible for just one record, Huw's own 'Sid Vicious Was Innocent' EP (US-002; 1979).  In addition to the title track the EP featured 'Going Through The Motions', 'Baby We're Not In Love' and When You're Weary'.  The label on one side of the EP was coloured orange with black printing; it was of a plain design, very similar to that of Universal Spirit, and it had 'US' at the top.  The other label was white, and had a cartoon of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen on it.  The recording was done in Aldridge, at Ginger Studios.  US-001, which was also by Helpless Huw - or Helpless Hew as the label credit has it - came out on Universal Spirit. Distributed By Big Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Helpless Huw Still Love UNIVERSAL SPIRIT US 001
79 Helpless Huw Sid Vicious Was Innocent US US 002

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