Independent label: Upfront Records. Freddie Scott single pictured, 'The Great If' (UP-1; 9/72), was one of only two to appear on the Upfront label, the other being 'Lean On Me', by Root & Jenny Jackson (UP-2).  Both were issued in 1972, and both seem to have been in a Soul vein.  The Jackson's single had previously been released on Milton Samuels's, 'Beacon' label in 1969 (BEA-110), and Beacon had an 'Up Front' subsidiary in 1969-70; add to that the fact that the man in charge of Upfront, Colin Edwards, produced singles on Beacon, and a 'Beacon/Up Front/Upfront' link looks highly likely.  Beacon seems to have been dormant for much of 1972; was Upfront a temporary replacement for it, a revival and re-branding of Up Front?  Be that as it may.   Numbering of Upfront singles was in the UP-0s, as opposed to the UPF-0s of Up Front.  Neither of the singles is all that commonly found.  The Original Cast album of 'Inner City', from which 'The Great If' was taken, had come out on RCA in 1971, which complicates the picture still further.  Pressing of that single seems to have been by British Homophone. Distributed By Upfront Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Freddie Scott  The Great If UPFRONT UP 1
72 Root & Jenny Jackson  Lean On Me UPFRONT UP 2

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