Independent label: UPC Records appears to have been a fairly short-lived (1970-71) associate of CBS; though, unusually, its singles don't share a numerical series with CBS's.  It seems to have come and gone without making any great impression, though one record of the thirteen or so which it released may be of interest to some collectors: Barbara Windsor's, 'What A Right Carry On' (UPC-101; 1970).  In November 1970 saw the departure of Eddie Trevett, who had been in charge for the past year; Liz Gardener was to be the new label manager, and director George Clouston was to be responsible for the label's activities.  Sadly, neither of them can have been in their new posts all that long. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Windsor Barbara When I Was A Child UPC UPC 101
70 Tikki,Takki,Suzy,Lies Welcome To My House UPC UPC 102
70 Shekane Big Step UPC UPC 103
70 Peter & Wolves Something In The Way She Moves UPC UPC 104
70 Minerbi Marcello Orchestra Stafania UPC UPC 105
70 Benjamin Tell Me Why UPC UPC 106
70 Gidian That'S Love UPC UPC 107
70 Irelanders Country Morning UPC UPC 108
70 Tikki Takki Suzy Lies Ba-Da-Da-Dum UPC UPC 109
70 Shakane Rhona UPC UPC 110
70 Sylvia Let Me Love You UPC UPC 111
70 Boil Billy Lookin' For Love UPC UPC 112
70 Scuffham Sgt Will Salvation Army Citadel UPC UPC 113

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