Independent Reggae label: Untouchable Records was owned by Dennis Harris. Untouchable issued at least six singles, using three different numbering systems, in 1975-76.  Willie Williams's 'Magic Moment' seems to have been the first release, and was numbered ZO-1001; D. Miller's 'Faith Can Move Mountain', DR-002, was also on the I And I label, but was numbered DR-001 on that label.  The remainder were numbered in a UT-000 series. Marketing and distribution of the latter at least were by DIP. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Williams Willie  Magic Moment UNTOUCHABLE ZO 1001
76 D. Miller  Faith Can Move Mountains I And I DR 001
76 D. Miller  Got You On My Mind UNTOUCHABLE DR 002
76 Not Traced UNTOUCHABLE UT 001
76 Amoni Gladys  My Best Friend UNTOUCHABLE UT 002
76 Untouchables If I Give My Herat To You UNTOUCHABLE UT 003
76 Not Traced UNTOUCHABLE UT 004
76 Jah Youth Jah Youth No Envious UNTOUCHABLE UT 005

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