Independent American label: Unlimited Gold Records was founded by Barry White in 1976 while he was making R&B smash hits at 20th Century Records. Unlimited Gold issued its first LP in the States in 1976, but it appears to have only got properly into its stride in 1979.  Unhappily for the company, by that time Disco music, its speciality, was being edged out by Soul and Rap; records by White and by Love Unlimited on the new label therefore failed to repeat the success that previous releases on 20th Century label had enjoyed.  By 1984 Unlimited Gold was no more.  Manufactured and distributed by CBS in Britain, the company's singles first appeared here in1979; they shared a catalogue series with the rest of CBS's product, though they had their own ULG prefix.  Only two of them were issued in our decade, both of them by Barry White: 'I Found Love' (ULG-7319) kicked things off in April 1979, with 'Love Ain't Easy' (ULG-7778) following along in August of that year. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Barry White I Found Love UNLIMITED GOLD S ULG 7319
79 Barry White Love Ain'T Easy UNLIMITED GOLD S ULG 7778
80 Love Unlimited Orchestra High Steppin' Fella UNLIMITED GOLD S ULG 8161
80 Barry White Sheet Music UNLIMITED GOLD S ULG 8563
80 Barry White Rum And Coca Cola UNLIMITED GOLD S ULG 8901
81 Barry White Didn'T We Make It UNLIMITED GOLD ULG A  1125
81 Love Unlimited Orchestra Lift Your Voice And Sing UNLIMITED GOLD ULG A 1496

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