Universal Spirit Records was a DIY label. It issued at least one single, 'Still Love You (In My Heart)', coupled with 'Lisa Jane', both of which were by singer / songwriter Helpless Hew - actually Huw Meads, from Sutton Coldfield.   The single was recorded in Steve Adams's 'Mind's Ear' studios, Tamworth, and it was isssued in 1978 with a catalogue number of US-001.  US-002 came out in the following year, by which time 'Helpless Hew' had become Helpless Huw and his label's name had been shortened to US.   One thing alone stands out about Universal Spirit: any number of record companies have put out double 'A' sided singles, but as far as I know only this one ever put out a double 'B' sided single.  The matrix numbers on the run-off are US 001-B-1 for 'Still Love You', and US 001-BB-1 for 'Lisa Jane'.  'Still Love You' featured in the Bottom 30 of Kenny Everett's 1980 'World's Worst Record' chart, which tends to give weight to Huw's own judgement; though to be fair the 'A' side was intended as a parody. The actual songs have a basic, singer-songwriter, feel to them; music for angst.  Just as a matter of interest, Mind's Ear studios was responsible for at least one other record in the '70s: an eponymous album by Steve Adams, which came out on the Mind's Ear label (MER-2010) in 1977. Distributed By Universal Spirit Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Helpless Huw Still Love UNIVERSAL SPIRIT US 001
79 Helpless Huw Sid Vicious Was Innocent US US 002

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