Independent label: Universal Edition Records was a book publishing firm, and the only record on its label that I have been able to trace was a promotional tool for a book of music, 'Hear And Now', by John Painter.  The book contained melodies for children to play, and the record - which appears to have been given away rather than sold - gives a couple of examples, pupils of Farsley C.P. School, Pudsey, offering 'The Workshop' on one side and children from Heslington Primary School, York, providing 'Autumn' on the other.  The catalogue number of the EP was UE-26903, which presumably fitted somewhere into Universal Edition's book-numbering scheme.  There was no date on the record but its matrix numbers, LYN-2530 / 2531, enable us to pin the year down to 1972 by comparing them with those of other Lyntone pressings.  The company had its headquarters in Paddock Wood, near Tonbridge. Distributed By Universal Edition Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Farsley Farfield C.P. School, Pudsey The Workshop UNIVERSAL EDITION UE 26903A

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