Independent Reggae label: Union Records was owned by Bill and Pete Campbell.  Many of Union's records were either produced by Bill Campbell or featured him or his relations; it seems to have been a stablemate to his 'BB' label.  Union singles were issued from 1977 to 1980.  They came in a variety of colours and in at least three different designs; they also came in two different numerical series, with some overlap.  The first releases appear to have been in the UN-1000s; these had a stylized eagle on them.  Next came a batch with UN-000 numbers.  Finally the UN-1000s came back, starting from UN-1001 again; these reached at least UN-1010, in 1980.  Not all the numbers seem to have been used.  In addition to the 7" singles there were also several 12" ones, which may account for some of the gaps in the discography below. Distributed By Spartan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Williams Ginger  Tenderness  UNION UN 1001
77 Family Choice Come On Let's Do It Together UNION UN 1002
77 Family Choice  I'm Still Waiting (12") UNION UND 1003
77 Blackrocks  Long, Long, Time  UNION UN 1004
78 Family Choice  Brandy UNION UN 001
78 Campbell Brothers  Sharing The Night Together UNION UN 002
78 Civilian Down South / Rich Man (12") UNION UN 003
78 Angela Crossdale  Silly Little Thing (12") UNION UND 004
78 Family Choice Use To Be My Girl UNION UN 005
78 The Family Choice  Baby I've Been Missing You (12") UNION UND 006
78 Zeitia I'm Still Waiting UNION UN 007
79 Jimmy Brown  My Love UNION UN 008
79 Not Traced UNION UN 009
80 Family Choice / Smith Sisters  Reggae Beat Goes On / A Class Boy UNION un 010
80 Bill Campbell  Don't Push It Don't Force It (12") UNION UND 011
80 Super Trap Cockney Rappin UNION UN 012
80 Not Traced UNION UN 013
80 The Fidelities / Prince Evrol Only You I Love (12") UNION UND 014
80 Not Traced UNION UN 015
80 Pete Campbell / Carlton Hunter  Does She Have A Friend For Me / You Know Why (12") UNION UND 016
79 Bill Campbell Boogie All Night UNION UN 1001
79 Campbell Errol  My Baby Love (12") UNION UND 1002
79 Bill Campbell Cool It  UNION UN 1003
80 Pete Campbell  Night Life (12") UNION UN 1004
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1005
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1006
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1007
80 Brown Jimmy  My Love UNION UN 1008
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1009
80 Family Choice  Reggae Beat Goes On UNION UN 1010
80 Leslie Davis  I Won't Let You Down (12") UNION UND 1111
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1012
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1013
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1014
80 Not Traced UNION UN 1015
80 Pete Campbell   Does She Have A Friend For Me (12") UNION UND 1016

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