Union-Castle Records was a DIY label. And was a shipping company.  It operated a cruise ship called the Reina Del Mar in the 1960s and the first half of the '70s, and was responsible for an EP of music by Eddie Bennett, who was presumably the resident musician on board that ship at the time.  It seems reasonable to suppose that the EP, which featured 'Blue Danube' and five other tracks, was sold to passengers as a souvenir.  There's no date on the label, but the catalogue number, SPE-15, enables us to file it in the '70s.  The number was one of a series used by the Micon (Recording And Publishing) Co. Ltd, of Culver Street, Colchester.  SP-12 was an LP featuring a recording of a 1971 FA Cup game between Colchester United and Leeds United; SPE-15 must have been made after that record but before the Reina Del Mar was withdrawn from service, which happened in 1975.  Micon put out several records under its own name, sometimes in co-operation with the New Zealand label Viking, but the few that I have managed to trace have been albums, which explains why it hasn't got a page on this site.  It did however put out a 7" EP on another of its associated labels, Drum Major. Distributed By Union-Castle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Eddie Bennett Eddie Bennett On The Reina Del Mar UNION-CASTLE SPE 15

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