Independent label: Unigram Records issued singles by people and bands who had sold lots of records in the past: Emile Ford and Stavely Makepeace.  Stavely, who recorded a single for Unigram, were from Coventry; Rob Woodward, one of the leading lights of that band, made a solo single for the label; and Trevor East, who released a single on Unigram's subsidiary, Comet Records, used to be on Midlands television - it all suggests a South Midlands origin.  Unigram and Comet singles shared a U-6300 numerical series, and there was at least one Unigram single numbered in the 6-400s (3).  The Rob Woodward record 'Bogey' (U-3402; 1980) is out of step with both of those series.  The label's period of operation seems to have been from c.1977-c.80.  As can be seen, the label came in one basic design but several dfferent colours; thanks to Rob Bowes for the scan of the yellow label.  Pressing in the '70s appears to have generally been by Orlake.  The discography below includes both Unigram and Comet singles. Distributed By Unigram Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Emile Ford Such A Night UNIGRAM U 6310
77 Oakie Hello Mary Lou COMET U 6311
77 Stavely Makepeace Baby Blues Eyes UNIGRAM U 6312
77 Lieutenant Pigeon Spangles COMET U 6313
77 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6314
77 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6315
77 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6316
77 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6317
77 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6318
78 Jodi Kendall No Man Gonna Tie Down Jodi COMET U 6319
78 Not Traced UNIGRAM U 6320
78 Trevor East (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me COMET U 6321
78 Not Traced UNIGRAM U3 401
78 Rob Woodward Bogey UNIGRAM U3 402
79 Captain Morgan And His Merry Men Tom Hark UNIGRAM U6 401
83 Bill Fredericks Too Busy Thinking UNIGRAM UN 777

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