Independent label: Ultra Records was the 'black music' label of Plastic Fantastic Records, which was owned by John Rush and Paul Rodriguez.  Ultra released at least seven singles during 1977-78; the basic numerical series was PFU-1000, though PF-000, PFU-7000 and PFU-7500 were also used.  Oddly a single by jazzman Chris Barber appeared on the label, though Trad Jazz is hardly 'black music'.  Ultra records were manufactured and distributed by Pye, was were those of its parent company for the most part. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Wilson Flick Rockin' Chair ULTRA PFU 1001
77 White Joe  Give And Take  ULTRA PFU 1002
77 Wilson Flick Keep The Troubles Down (12") ULTRA PFU 1003
77 Smokey 007  One Hundred Pounds Of Clay  ULTRA PFU 1004
78 Thompson Everand  Babylon Hustle Me ULTRA PFU 1005
78 Vision Waiting Game ULTRA PFU 1006
78 Masokoloko Fire Baby SABANOH INTERNATIONAL PFU 1007
77 Eddie Thornton Soularize (Greet The Sun) / Socka Rock PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 001
77 Chris Barber Ice Cream (Recorded in Koln, 1976) ULTRA PF 002
78 Bogart  Black Casablanca  ULTRA PFU 7001
78 Howden's Hot Shots Ice Cream ULTRA PF 201
78 Faith Horace   Rich Man Poor Man  ULTRA PFU 7501

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