Independent label: UK Records was formed by Jonathan King. After years of recording songs under pseudonyms and licensing them to various record companies King set up his own label in 1972.  He continued to pepper the Charts with odd one-off hits both under his own name and under aliases such as Shag and Bubblerock.  In addition to home-grown hits, UK - 'United King' - scored with records licensed from other companies: for example 'Sea Side Shuffle', by Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs (UK-5; 1972) and Carl Malcolm's, 'Fattie Bum Bum' (UK-108; 1975).  It also signed other talent: its most successful acquisition was 'Intelligent Rock' band 10 c.c.  The late '70s saw King losing interest in the music scene and concentrating on television; as a label, UK was effectively shelved after One Hundred Ton And A Feather's 'When A Child Is Born' (UK-160) came out in November 1976.  It did however appear as a logo on at least two other labels in 1977, and there were a few afterthoughts, as you might say.  1978 saw the release of another UK single, Jonathan King's own 'Old D.J.s', which was numbered UK-201 and had dark blue printing on the old light blue label.  A final burst in the Spring of 1979 saw three more UK singles, which were handled by EMI and were numbered in the series belonging to EMI International.  There was another short revival in the late 1980s.  From 1975 into the spring of 1976 there was a subsidiary label, UK America, for records licenced from American companies.  For most of its life the company's records were pressed by Decca and distributed by Selecta.  The familiar light-blue label sometimes came with black printing instead of the usual silver.  In June 1975 the company moved to Polydor / Polygram, at which point injection-moulded labels were introduced.  Initially these had the logo at the top, as did the occasional paper label (presumably the paper-labelled versions were contract pressings), but it soon migrated to its old position.  Singles used a UK-0 catalogue series, though after the move to Polydor this was briefly replaced by a 2012-000 one - the 2012s remained as matrix numbers.  The company sleeve changed slightly during the move, with the wavy top being replaced by a straight one; the '45 RPM MADE IN ENGLAND' at the bottom left disappeared at the same time, and the words 'MARKETED BY POLYDOR LIMITED' appeared on the back.  In the Decca years promos initially had a large silver 'A' in the centre of the label.  From UK-6 to UK-12 a red label was used for them, in common with many other of the Decca family labels at the time; it reverted to light blue from UK-13 onwards. Occasionally stickers with 'HIT SIDE' on them were attached to common or garden issue singles. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Kursaal Flyers Speedway UK 2012 001
75 53Rd & 3Rd Chick-A-Boom UK 2012 002
75 Not Traced UK 2012 003
75 Jones Brenda Lee You'Re The Love Of My Life UK 2012 004
75 Teenage Polecats My Baby'S Gone UK 2012 005
72 Jonathan King ItíS A Tall Order For A Short Guy UK UK 1
72 Harvey Tina  Working My Way Back To You UK UK 2
72 Bubblerock (I Can'T Get No) Satisfaction, Pt 1 UK UK 3
72 Piglets This Is Reggae UK UK 4
72 Dactyl Terry & The Dinosaurs Seaside Shuffle UK UK R 5
72 10 Cc  Donna  UK UK 6
72 King Jonathan & Shag Loop Di Love UK UK 7
72 Channing Mark  Shake Em Up & Let Em Roll UK UK 8
72 Athletes Foot Official Munich Olympic Games Theme 1972, Pts 1 UK UK 9
72 Bundy David  Inside A Hole UK UK 10
72 Angelettes Popsicles And Icicles UK UK 11
72 Sun Singers You Were On My Mind UK UK 12
72 Angelo Good Time Girl UK UK 13
72 Bubblerock Is Here To Stay Rock Around The Clock UK UK 14
72 Mark & John This OneíS For You, Part 1 UK UK 15
72 Sparky Summertime Woman UK UK 16
72 Moore Gerald Thomas  Song Of America UK UK 17
72 Wilde Ricky  I Am An Astronaut UK UK 18
72 C Roy Shotgun Wedding UK UK 19
72 Turner Simon Shoeshine Boy UK UK 20
73 Dactyl Terry & The Dinosaurs On A Saturday Night UK  UK 21
73 10Cc Johnny Don'T Do It UK UK 22
73 Eiri Thrasher Old Rugged Cross UK UK 23
73 Harvey Tina  Nowhere To Run UK UK 24
73 Scavengers Vulture Stomp UK UK 25
73 Angelettes Do You Love Me UK UK 26
73 C Roy The Wedding Is Over UK UK 27
73 Wilde Ricky  April Love UK UK 28
73 Handfull Of Cheek IíLl Slap Your Face UK UK 29
73 Tibble We Went For A Drive UK UK 30
73 Ford John  ItíS Alright Bill UK UK R 31
73 Rockets IíM Henry The Eight, I Am UK UK 32
73 Turner Simon Baby (I Gotta Go) UK UK 33
73 Flanelcat Yer Big GirlíS Blouse UK UK 34
73 King Jonathan  Mary My Love UK UK 35
73 10 Cc  Rubber Bullets UK UK 36
73 Turner Simon Baby UK UK 37
73 Redhead We Ran And We Ran UK UK R 38
73 Dactyl Terry & The Dinosaurs She Left, I Died UK UK R 39
73 Del Motorbike Annie UK UK 40
73 Wilson Lee Wait Til Your Father Finds Out UK UK 41
73 Wilde Ricky  Do It Again A Little Bit Slower UK UK 42
73 Channing Mark  Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me UK UK 43
73 Turner Simon The Prettiest Star UK UK 44
73 Jigsaw That'S What It'S All About UK UK 45
73 Baron'S Supporters Return Of The Red Baron UK UK 46
73 King Jonathan EverybodyíS Gone To The Moon UK UK 47
73 10 Cc The Dean And I UK UK 48
73 Drama Mary'S Mama UK UK R 49
73 Shag Bongo Rock UK UK 50
73 Eiri Trasher Morning After UK UK 51
73 Turner Simon California Revisited UK UK 52
74 King Jonathan & Bubblerock Satisfaction UK UK 53
74 Robin One Tin Soldier UK UK 54
74 Garrity Freddie  I Understand UK UK 55
74 King Jonathan Kun Fu Anthem UK UK 56
74 10Cc The Worst Band In The World UK UK 57
74 Nemo It'S Only A Paper Moon UK UK 58
74 Wilde Ricky  Mrs. Malinski UK UK 59
74 Turner Simon She Was Just A Young Girl UK UK 60
74 Bubblerock Get Off My Cloud UK UK 61
74 King Jonathan Hooked On A Feeling UK UK 62
74 Wilde Ricky  Teen Wave UK UK 63
74 Prophet Have Love, Will Travel UK UK 64
74 Bubblerock People Will Say We'Re In Love UK UK 65
74 First Class Beach Baby UK UK R 66
74 Curry Tim Sweet Transvestite UK UK 67
74 Lobo I'D Love You To Want Me UK UK R 68
74 10 Cc Wall Street Shuffle UK UK 69
74 Wilde Ricky  I Wanna Go To A Disco UK UK 70
74 Jack & The Giant Killers Somebody'S Been Sleeping In My Bed UK UK 71
74 Yamasukis Yamasuki UK UK R 72
74 First Class Bobby Dazzler UK UK R 73
74 Turner Simon Sex Appeal UK UK 74
74 King Jonathan Help Me Make It Through The Night UK UK 75
74 Noele Gordon To My Daughter UK UK 76
74 10 Cc Silly Love UK UK 77
74 Royce Baby I Just Want To Be With You UK UK 78
74 Brendon Make Me A Dollar, Make Me A Dime UK UK 79
74 Codd Pat  Harry & The Hulahops UK UK 80
74 Bunk Dogger Red Alert UK UK 81
74 First Class Dreams Are Ten A Penny UK UK R 82
74 Antony James  Sand In Your Hand UK UK 83
75 Johnson Kevin Rock & Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life) UK UK R 84
75 Trew Gritte Poor Old Billie UK UK 85
75 Bubblerock Twist And Shout UK UK 86
75 Sloply Bellywell If You Wanna Be Happy UK UK 87
75 King Jonathan  Free Man In Paris UK UK 88
75 Johnson Kevin Bonnie, Please Don'T Go UK UK R 89
75 First Class What Became Of Me UK UK R 90
75 Arkwright Where Do You Go From Here UK UK 91
75 Driftin' Don'T Think Twice, It'S All Right UK UK 92
75 Tractor Roll The Dice UK UK 93
75 King Jonathan  Way You Look Tonight UK UK 94
75 Denzil Dennis Need A Little Love In My Life UK UK 95
75 First Class Life Is Whatever You Want It To Be UK UK R 96
75 Not Traced UK UK 97
75 Method Hold On Tight UK UK 98
75 Not Traced UK UK 99
75 10Cc Waretfall UK UK 100
75 Various Artists What's So Great About UK Records UK UK 101
75 Ginger Williams I Can'T Resist Your Tenderness UK UK 102
75 Julie I'M Not Lisa UK UK 103
75 Greenback Mississippi Lady UK UK 104
75 King Jonathan & 53 & 3Rd Una Paloma Blanca UK UK 105
75 Simon Bad Bad Boy UK UK 106
75 First Class I Was A Star UK UK 107
75 Malcolm Carl Fattie Bum Bum UK UK 108
75 Arizona Star Latin Movie Star UK UK 109
75 Hot Squirrel You Really Got Me UK UK 110
75 King Jonathan  Baby, The Rain Must Fall UK UK 111
75 Not Traced UK UK 112
75 Malcolm Carl Miss Wire Waist UK UK 113
75 53Rd & 3Rd Why Can'T We Be Friends UK UK 114
75 David Sabotage UK UK 115
75 Kursaal Flyers Hit Records UK UK 116
75 Method So Excited UK UK 117
75 Arkwright Question Of A Dog UK UK 118
75 Kennedy Clive  The Late Late Show UK UK 119
75 Eiri Chords Of Fame UK UK 120
76 Sound 9418 In The Mood UK UK 121
76 King Jonathan  Happy People Song UK UK 122
76 Happiness (First Class) First Day Of Your Life UK UK 123
76 Salt & Pepper Beautiful You UK UK 124
76 King Jonathan  Little Latin Lupe Lu UK UK 125
76 Method Woman UK UK 126
76 Sound 9418 Stranger On The Shore UK UK 127
76 53Rd & 3Rd Everybody UK UK 128
76 Kursaal Flyers Cruisiní For Love UK UK 129
76 First Class AiníT No Love UK UK 130
76 Sound 9418 Yam UK UK 131
76 King Jonathan  HeíS So Fine UK UK 132
76 Dactyl Terry & The Dinosaurs Sea Side Shuffle UK UK 133
76 Piglets Johnny Reggae UK UK 134
76 King Jonathan & One Hundred Tons And A Feather It Only Takes A Minute UK UK 135
76 C Roy Shotgun Wedding UK UK 136
76 Shag Loop Di Love UK UK 137
76 Method Someone To Love UK UK 138
76 Brendon Go All The Way UK UK 139
76 Sound 9418 The Bull Meets La Bamba And Lives UK UK 140
76 Harvey Tina  I'M Waiting For The Man UK UK 141
76 King Jonathan  Lazy Bones UK UK 142
76 Codd Pat  Harry & The Hulahoops UK UK 143
76 First Class Beach Baby UK UK 144
76 Kennedy Clive  I Think I'M Falling In Love With You UK UK 145
76 King Jonathan  Mississippi UK UK 146
76 Brendon Bad Time UK UK 147
76 One Hundred Ton Etc Don'T Forget Me UK UK 148
76 Skip Jackson Teddy Bear UK UK 149
76 Py R Squared Ramaya (Just Call Her) UK UK 150
76 Method Passing Strangers UK UK 151
76 First Class ChildíS Play UK UK 152
76 53Rd & 3Rd Everybody UK UK 153
76 Big Pig (With Little Porker) Baby Reggae UK UK 154
76 King Jonathan  When I Was A Star UK UK 155
76 Method Yorkshire Lad UK UK 156
76 Sound 9418 I'M Gonna Change UK UK 157
76 Brendon Gimme Some UK UK 158
76 Dreamseller Jolly Little Mice UK UK 159
76 One Hundred Ton Etc When A Child Is Born UK UK 160
78 Jonathan King Old DJ's (Playing New Sounds) UK UK 201
79 Complexxion  So Much In Love ? UK INT INT 584
79 Sally Amazing Grace  UK INT INT 586
79 King Jonathan You'Re The Greatest Lover UK INT INT 586
76 Jonathan King He's So Fine UK UKX 001
73 Jonathan King Be Gay UK ZXDR 53088
73 Original London Cast Time Warp UK ZXDR 54070
74 10 c.c. Wall Street Shuffle UK ZXDR 55118
87 Jonathan King Wild World UK UKP 001
87 10 C.C. The Worst Band In The World  UK UKP 002
87 Briar Frankie UK UKP 003


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