UK American Records was a subsidiary of Jonathan King's UK label, dedicated to material licenced from American labels.  UK American first saw the light of day in January 1975; it issued at least sixteen singles and appears to have closed down around the middle of 1976.   As with its parent label, manufacture and distribution were by Decca / Selecta at first.  Polydor / Phonodisc took over in mid '75, at which point injection-moulded labels were adopted.  At least two singles from the Decca era was re-pressed with injection-moulded labels; the first, Brenda Lee Jones's 'You're The Love Of My Life', originally USA-8, was also re-numbered, being given one of UK's six-digit Polydor numbers, 2012-004.  After that, numbering returned to the original USA-0 series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Carroll Johnny & Blue Caps Black Leather Rebel UK AMERICAN USA 1
74 Parrish Dean I'M On My Way UK AMERICAN USA 2
75 Channell Bruce Gambler UK AMERICAN USA 3
75 Mob Give It To Me UK AMERICAN USA 4
75 Devonnes I'M Gonna Pick Up My Toyss UK AMERICAN USA 5
75 Courtships Oops It Just Slipped Out UK AMERICAN USA 6
75 Dion Abraham Martin & John UK AMERICAN USA 7
75 Jones Brenda Lee You'Re The Love Of My Life UK AMERICAN USA 8
75 Music Explosion Little Bit O'Soul UK AMERICAN USA 9
75 Variations Sayin' It And Doin' It UK AMERICAN USA 10
75 King Clydie Punish Me UK AMERICAN USA 11
75 Hope Clarke Share Your Love UK AMERICAN USA 12
75 Lands Hoagy Friends And Lovers UK AMERICAN USA 13
75 Lands Hoagy The Next In Line UK AMERICAN USA 14
76 Randolph Charles  Star Trek UK AMERICAN USA 15
76 Q Love Pollution UK AMERICAN USA 16

75 Brenda Lee Jones  You'Re The Love Of My Life UK AMERICAN 2012 004

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