Independent label: U.M Records was also known as Ultimate Records. Operated by a company named Ultimate Music Ltd An independent label from  Peterborough.  Ultimate released at least five singles between 1975 and 1981, starting off with 'Far Side Of The Hill' by a band called River (which soon became 'Driver').  That record had a catalogue number of UM-501, and it had a white label with a fairly plain design; There was a gap of a couple of years before the next release, and when The Now's, 'Development Corporations' (ULT-401; 11/77) came out, it had a new label design and the catalogue series had changed. The First pressings are black vinyl and have a conventional picture sleeve. The second pressing appeared March, 1979 with an insert picture sleeve and pressed on blue vinyl. Another Punk single followed: The Dole's, 'Hungry Men' (ULT-402; 6/78).  The fourth release was a 'folky' John Senior single, 'You've Got A Way' (ULT-403; 1978), after which there was another gap.  Finally a 12" Reggae single, 'Observation Babylon', by Everand Thompson & Eusi Simba (XULT-404) came out in June 1981. Ultimate Music Ltd. Former Address: 41 Lady Lodge Drive Orton, Longueville Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 0ES. Distributed By Spartan Records. The Dole were formed by Simon Page in 1978. The original line up was: Simon Page - Lead Rhythm Guitar Andy - Lead/Rhythm Guitar Paul Vjestica - Drums Matt Gillatt - Bass. The Now are a late 1970s English punk rock group from Peterborough, England. Whilst never officially disbanding, they ceased recording and performing in 1979. Founded by Mike McGuire and Steve Rolls with Joe MacColl and Faz Farrow.Mike McGuire and Steve Rolls went on to form 80's avant garde band Sudden Sway. Joe MacColl went on to join mod revivalists The Name. The New Chordette Showband The line up was Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet Russ Meadwell Bass Guitar Richard Davies Drums Keith Dolby Electric Piano John Byrne Guitar, Vocals John Parker Lead Vocals Dave Banks Trumpet Richard Tutton.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 River Far Side of the wall ULTIMATE UM 501
76 Elsie Pepper & Her Organ Just Loving You U.M UM 502
78 Roy Sheppard  Listening By The Fireside (Album)  U.M UM 503
79 No Artist Listed Eurosteam Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough (Album)  U.M UM 504
79 The New Chordette Showband  Music In The Air U.M UM 505
77 The Now  Development Corporations/Why ULTIMATE ULT  401
78 The Dole  New Wave Love / Hungry Men ULTIMATE ULT  402
78 John Senior You've Got A Way With You ULTIMATE ULT  403
81 Everand Thompson And Eusi Simba  Observation Babylon / Marjory (12")  ULTIMATE XULT 404

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