U M S (United Music) Records Is another one of those sad cases where all I can do is note the existence of a label and provide a scan.  UMS was responsible for at least two records, both of them in 1975.  One was an anonymous single offering a version of 'Il Silenzio' on one side and an original song called 'Dreamaker' on the other.  Its catalogue number was 0714 (0715 according to the matrix number on the run-off), which doesn't fit into any series that I have happened upon.  The arranger of the first track and composer of the second was D. Parker, so presumably he was the driving force behind the band.  The other record was an EP featuring versions of 'United We Stand', 'Welcome Home', 'Only Make Believe' and 'Big Mouth Woman'.  Again there was no artist credit on the label, but a couple of sellers have them as Ruth & John Dee.  Catalogue number of that record was 0715.  The label tells us that the 'UM' stood for 'United Music'; 'S' could possibly be 'Studios' or 'Services'.  There may well be other UMSes out there; if there are I'd be very interested to hear about them.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 No Artist Listed Il' Silenzio U M S (UNITED MUSIC) 0714
75 No Artist Listed United We Stand U M S (UNITED MUSIC) 0715

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