Independent label: Tyger Records did better than most small independent labels by issuing more than a couple of singles.  They were numbered in the TYG-0s; the numbers reached TYG-7.  Its first release was 'Red Box', by I Jog & The Tracksuits (TYG-1) which came out in late 1979.  Two more singles followed in 1979; there then appears to have been a lull until 1982 when a couple more appeared.  Singles from TYG-2 onwards had a large logo on one label and all the information on the other. The Tyger label was from Uxbridge; reportedly it was based at the Unit One youth club. Distributed By Spartan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 I Jog & The Traksuits Red Box TYGER TYG 1
78 Agony Column'S  I Had It All Worked Out  TYGER TYG 2
79 The Rhythm Cats  Rock With The Rhythmcats  TYGER TYG 3
80 Statistics Dumb TYGER TYG 4
81 Four Kings Present To Jesus TYGER TYG 5
82 I Jog And The Traksuits Bedroom Tune TYGER TYG 6
82 Fred'S All Rights Reserved Ep TYGER TYG 7

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