Independent British Punk/Wave label: TW Records initially based in Melksham, Wiltshire, but later operating out of Tunbridge Wells.  TW seems to have issued just the one single in the '70s, 'Don't Misbehave In The New Age', by Animals & Men (HIT-101; 1979).  It did however make a return in 1981, issuing several more singles in the same numerical series; numbers reached HIT-115 in 1985.  It also reissued the Animals & Man single, in 1982. Distributed By TW Records. TW Records Former Address: Andil House, Court Street.,Trowbridge Wiltshire. Animals & Men was formed in 1978, Frome, Somerset and Disbanded in 1982. Band Members Susan Wells (vocals), Ralph Mitchard (guitar, harmonica), Geoffrey Norcott (drums), Nigel House (bass, 1979-80), Puddle (drums, 1980), Dave Mackay (bass, 1981-82), Andy Payne (drums, 1981-82), Brenda Austin (vocals, 1982), Anne Morrison (vocals, 1982). Slow Fade Band Members Andy Murray (vocals, guitar), Pete Glenister (guitar, vocals), Nigel Dick (bass, vocals), Nicky Graham (keyboards, vocals), Hugh Attwooll (drums, percussion). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Animals & Men  Don'T Misbehave In The New Age TW HIT 101
82 Silent Guests Desperate Measures TW HIT 102
82 Moskow   Man From Uncle   TW HIT 103
82 Silent Guests House Of Wax TW HIT 104
82 Crazy House First Time TW HIT 105
82 Keegaroos World Cup 82 TW HIT 106
82 The A-Heads Dying Man  TW HIT 107
82 Boys White Teeth  Prices TW HIT 108
82 Slow Fade Running Away TW HIT 109
82 Not Issued TW HIT 110
83 Slowfade Sound Of A Breaking TW HIT 111
83 Pictures Like This Night Vandetta TW HIT 112
83 Not Issued TW HIT 113
83 Tiston Steve Don'T Look Down TW HIT 114
83 Blackstone Eddie Never Let A Dream Go TW HIT 115

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