Tuzmadoner Records was a DIY label from the Punk / New Wave days. It issued just the one 7" EP, which was entitled 'Shish' and was split between the Different Eyes ('On The Box' / 'Uncomfortable') and Royston ('Snake's Song' / 'Gerald's Eyes).  It came out in 1979, and had a catalogue number of 001.  Rumour has it that the same personnel featured on all of the tracks.  In typical DIY fashion the labels were blank white ones with the relevant information rubber-stamped on them, as can be see on the scan.  There was also a compilation LP entitled 'Folk Music'. Distributed By Tuzmadoner Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Different Eyes / Royston Shish Ep TUZMADONER  001
80 Various Artists Folk Music (12") TUZMADONER  002

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