Independent label: Truck Records it managed at least one single. This single was released as a special promotional item by Truck Magazine in the UK in 1976. Truckin' Man has no artist credit and seems to be session musicians and singers. It is co-written and produced by 'W.J. Woodman'. Derek Benfield played the role of Bill Riley in the popular BBC drama series The Brothers (1972-1976. 'Truckin' Man' / 'Ol' Bill'  by Derek Benfield.  'Ol' Bill' was the theme music from the television drama 'The Brothers', and Benfield played a prominent part in that series, which concerned the various goings-on inside a haulage company.  The catalogue number of the single, FF-102, suggests that there should be an FF-101 out there somewhere, but if there is I haven't managed to trace it. Pressing was by RCA, and the mention of Truck Magazine on the labels suggests a tie-in with that publication.. Distributed By Truck Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Not Traced   TRUCK FF 101
76 Benfield Derek  Truckin' Man TRUCK FF 102

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