Trojan Rockers Records was a short-lived division of Trojan, aimed at the more Rootsy end of the Reggae market.  Singles on Trojan Rockers shared a TRO-9000 numerical series with contemporaneous records on the Trojan label itself; they all seem to have been issued around the middle of 1977.  As B&C / Trojan was owned by Saga at that time, it seems likely that Saga pressed the singles. Distributed By Selecta Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Silvertones African dub  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9013
77 Thunderball (The Silvertones) My twentyeight  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9014
77 Silvertones What a situation  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9015
77 Michael "Bammie" Rose  Key of keys  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9019
77 Baga (Matumbi)  Can't satisfy  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9021
77 Douglas Lambert  Jah jah no new  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9022
77 Dingle Brothers  Happiness  TROJAN ROCKERS TRO 9023

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