Independent label: The Trojan story begins on July 28th 1967 when the first incarnation of the label was launched by Island Records as a showcase for the productions of Duke Reid. The name itself derived from the seven ton Leyland 'Trojan' trucks that were used to transport the producer's huge sound system around Jamaica, and which had emblazoned upon its sides, 'Duke Reid, The Trojan King Of Sounds'. In fact, long before Island launched their version of the imprint, Reid had used the name on a series of 78s, although it was by the early sixties it had been dropped in favour of the Duke Reid's and later,Treasure Isle labels. Meanwhile, the first British inception of Trojan proved a short-lived operation, folding after a mere dozen or so releases, with Reid's productions subsequently highlighted on the UK incarnation of the aforementioned Treasure Isle imprint.  In 1968, the Trojan name was reactivated by businessman Lee Gopthal, whose company, B&C (Beat & Commercial) had recently merged with Island. Unlike its previous manifestation, the new Trojan label showcased material from varying sources, ranging from British-based producers such as Dandy and Joe Mansano to their esteemed Jamaican counterparts, among whose number included Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Clancy Eccles and the aforementioned Duke Reid. Meanwhile, the increased volume of recordings being purchased and licensed by the company led to the formation of a series of subsidiary labels, most of which showcased the output of a single producer. Included among these wereAmalgamated (for Joe Gibbs), High Note (Sonia Pottinger),Upsetter (Lee Perry), Jackpot (Bunny Lee), Clandisc (Clancy Eccles) and Downtown (Robert 'Dandy' Thompson). So substantial was the volume of material obtained for release that further labels such as Blue Cat, Big Shot and Duke were also created to fulfil a similar function to the parent label, TR-000 numerical series 1967. In 1968 It changed its numbering to the TR-600s, jumping from 699 to 7700 around 1969. TR-7700 to TRO 7988 around 1976. there was another jump in numbering in 1977, from TRO-7999 to TRO-9000. 1977 also saw a brief link with Lightning Records; some singles with Trojan catalogue numbers appeared on the Lightning label. In the 1990s it was bought by Sanctuary Records.  Its new owner has undertaken the task of repackaging and reissuing its huge back catalogue. Distributed By Trojan Records.

76 Bob & Marcia To Be Young Gifted & Black TROJAN TRM 3001
76 Collins Dave & Ansel Monkey Spanner TROJAN TRM 3002
76 Thomas Nicky Love Of The Common People TROJAN TRM 3003
76 Harry J & The Allstars  Liquidator  TROJAN TRM 3004
76 Greyhound  Black And White TROJAN TRM 3005
76 Pioneers  Let Your Yeah Be Yeah TROJAN TRM 3006
76 Alphonso Roland  Phoenix City  TROJAN TRM 3007
77 Winston Groovy No One Day Love TROJAN TRM 3008
77 Dekker Desmond Israelites TROJAN TRM 3009
72 Ruffin Bruce Songs Of Peace TROJAN TRM 9000
72 Deltones Chopsticks TROJAN TRM 9001
72 Harry J. All Stars Liquidator TROJAN TRM 9002
72 Dekker Desmond Israelites  TROJAN TRM 9003
72 Not Traced TROJAN TRM 9004
72 Not Traced TROJAN TRM 9005
72 Ruffin Bruce Are You Ready TROJAN TRM 9006
72 Not Traced TROJAN TRM 9007
73 Skatalites Guns Of Navarone TROJAN TRM 9008
73 Dekker Desmond Hipopotamus TROJAN TRM 9009
74 Alphonso Roland Phoenix City TROJAN  TRM 9010
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion MAXI TROJAN TMX 4001
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion 2 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4002
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion 3 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4003
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion 4 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4004
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion 5 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4005
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion 6 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4006
79 Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp MAXI TROJAN TMX 4007
79 Dandy Livingstone  Rudy A Message To You MAXI TROJAN TMX 4008
79 Various Artists Skinhead Classics MAXI TROJAN TMX 4009
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion MAXI TROJAN TMX 4010
79 Judge Dread  Big One  MAXI TROJAN TMX 4011
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion Reggae Instrumental Hits MAXI TROJAN TMX 4012
79 Various Artists Skinhead Classics Vol. 2 MAXI TROJAN TMX 4013
79 Various Artists Trojan Explosion MAXI TROJAN TMX 4014

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