Trojan Disco Pick Records was a short-lived - one off? - subsidiary of Trojan, dating from 1975.  The only record on the Trojan Disco Pick label is the one shown, a reissue of 'Help Yourself', by Jimmy James & The Vagabonds (TDP-1; 5/75).  It was reissued again the following year on Trojan's 'Miami' label (MIA-404; 9/76), which suggests that by that time the Disco Pick label had been permanently shelved.  Distributed By Trojan Records. Jimmy James (born Michael James, 13 September 1940, Jamaica) is a soul music singer, known for songs like "Come To Me Softly", "Now Is the Time" and "I'll Go Where the Music Takes Me". Based in Britain, he has performed as the lead singer of Jimmy James and the Vagabonds since the mid 1960s. The Vagabonds were originally formed in 1960. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jimmy James & The Vagabonds Hey Girl TROJAN DISCO PICK TDP 1

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