Triskel Records was a DIY Irish label. Of the Wolfe Tones. Established in 1976. It issued singles in an TRS-0 numerical series. Distributed By Triskel Records. The Wolfe Tones, an Irish rebel music band, incorporate elements of Irish traditional music in their songs. They take their name from the Irish rebel and patriot Theobald Wolfe Tone, one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. The origins of the group date back to August 1963, where three neighbouring children from the Dublin suburb of Inchicore, brothers Brian and Derek Warfield and Noel Nagle had been musical friends. They were later joined by Tommy Byrne whom they met when playing at an open-air festival (a Fleadh Cheoil) in Elphin, County Roscommon in 1964.This subsequently led to the three friends playing at Fleadh Cheoil and music festivals around Ireland The Wolfe Tones Band Members:  Brian Warfield Harp Since 1963. Tommy Byrne Guitar Since 1964. Noel Nagle Tin whistle Since 1963. Derek Warfield Vocals Since 1963.

76 Wolfe Tones Vale Of Avoca TRISKEL TRS 1
76 Wolfe Tones Farewell To Dublin TRISKEL TRS 2
78 Wolfe Tones Quare Things In Dublin TRISKEL TRS 3
79 Wolfe Tones Padraic Pearse TRISKEL TRS 4
79 Wolfe Tones The Punt TRISKEL TRS 5
80 Wolfe Tones The Lough Sheelin Eviction TRISKEL TRS 6
80 Wolfe Tones Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake / The Wren TRISKEL TRS 7
81 Wolfe Tones Streets Of New York TRISKEL TRS 8
82 Wolfe Tones Admiral William Brown TRISKEL TRS 9
83 Wolfe Tones Farewell To Dublin TRISKEL TRS 10
83 Wolfe Tones Irish Eyes / Joe McDonnell  TRISKEL TRS 11
83 Wolfe Tones Merman  TRISKEL TRS 12
83 Not Issued TRISKEL TRS 13
84 Wolfe Tones Song Of Liberty TRISKEL TRS 14
84 Wolfe Tones Janey Mac I'm Nearly 40 / Flower of Scotland TRISKEL TRS 15
84 Wolfe Tones Dreams Of Home TRISKEL TRS 16
86 Wolfe Tones Remember Me At Christmas TRISKEL TRS 17
87 Wolfe Tones Flight Of Earls TRISKEL TRS 18
85 Wolfe Tones My Heart Is In Ireland  TRISKEL WTS 1
88 Wolfe Tones Four Great Songs From The Fab 4 TRISKEL TREP 1
88 Wolfe Tones Christmas With The Wolfe Tones TRISKEL TREP 2

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