Independent Reggae label: Tribes Man Records was Another in the seemingly endless list of small independent Reggae labels from the 1970s.  Tribes Man was owned by Lloyd Coxsone, and it had quite a striking label design.  It issued three 7" singles in or around 1977 and then concentrated on 12" ones, as did many other Reggae labels.  Numbering for both was in a TM-00 series. Distributed By Tribes Man Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Fabian Prophecy (12") TRIBES MAN TM 001
77 Delroy Wilson  What Is Man TRIBES MAN TM 002
77 Fred Locks & Creation Steppers Life   TRIBES MAN TM 003
77 Fabine Prophecy TRIBES MAN TM 004
79 Freddie McKay Free Man TRIBES MAN TM 052
79 Delroy Wilson  What Is Man TRIBES MAN TM 053
79 Willie Stepper Homeward Bound TRIBES MAN TM 054

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