Independent label: Trent Records issued only two singles, both in 1972 and both football-related.  1972 was the year that Stoke City got to the League Cup Final; in celebration of that appearance the team's supporters recorded, 'We'll Be With You' (JT-100), to which Gordon Banks and Friends responded with, 'We'll Be Together' (JT-101).  Presumably Banks's friends included the rest of the Stoke team; the B-side was credited to them. Distribution was by Pye.  Despite the team's failure to win the cup, the singles remained on catalogue until at least 1974; though sales in the wake of the cup final must have been minimal. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Potters We'Ll Be With You TRENT JT 100
72 Gordon Banks  We'Ll Be Together TRENT JT 101

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