Independent label: Trend Records was a moderately obscure label, owned by London record dealer Barry Class. Trend operated from 1968 to 1971.  It is most often met with in the shape of Jazz-Rock-flavoured LPs by Warm Dust and Swegas, which are beginning to command respectable prices nowadays.  Its first batch of singles, dating from 1968 and numbered in the TRE-1000s, are even more collectable: their labels were pale blue with a purple logo, and their catalogue numbers suggest that there were at least ten of them. In 1970 Pye took over manufacture and distribution; numbers changed to a TNT-50 series and a new label design was adopted, which featured what I always thought was a ceiling fan but is in fact a tape reel.  Trend didn't stay with Pye for long; before the end of the year they had moved to Philips.  Numbers changed again, this time to a 6099-000 series, which reached at least 6099-010, though some of these were used for overseas-only releases.  Philips's habit of dinking the centres of its singles played merry hell with the Trend label design.  The company never had any hits, and it doesn't seem to have survived into 1972. Distributed By Pye and Phonogram RecordsThanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Chads Dearest Linda TREND TNT 50
70 Abel Mann Sun In The Morning TREND TNT 51
70 Consortium Melanie Cries Alone TREND TNT 52
70 Almond Marzipan Opan Up Your Heart TREND TNT 53
70 Campbell Sharon All The Loving You'Ve Got TREND TNT 54
70 Almond Marzipan Marie Take A Chance TREND TNT 55
70 Old Gold It'S Goodbye TREND TNT 56
70 Swegas What You Gonna Do TREND 6099 001
70 Warm Dust It'S A Beautiful Day TREND 6099 002
70 Swegas What You Gonna Do (Germany) TREND 6099 003
71 Consortium Annabella TREND 6099 004
71 Young Colin Anytime At All TREND 6099 005
71 Audrey   Getting Ready For A Heartache  TREND 6099 006
71 Marzipan My Kind Of Music TREND 6099 007
71 Stevens Julie After Haggerty TREND 6099 008
71 Consortium Melanie Cries Alone (Portugal) TREND 6099 009
71 Foundations Stoney Ground TREND 6099 010
72 Consortium Sunday In The Park / Tell Me My Friend (Portugal) TREND 6099 011
70 The Chads / Consortium / Abel Mann Trend promotional label sampler TREND TNT P 1

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