Independent Reggae label: Treble C Records was owned by Rupert Cunningham and associated with his Tropical Record label.  Treble C issued thirteen singles in 1975-76, using basically the same label design but several different colour schemes.   Numbering was in a CCC-00 or CCC-000 series; it reached CCC-015 but a couple of the numbers were not used.  When its parent company switched marketing to President, Treble C went with it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Moses Pablo  I Man A Grasshopper  TREBLE C CCC 01
75 Jah Lloyd  Once Bitten  TREBLE C CCC 02
75 Shorty The President  Beast From The East  TREBLE C CCC 03
75 Not Issued TREBLE C CCC 04
75 Love Dawn  Watering  TREBLE C CCC 05
75 Pablo Augustus  Liberation  TREBLE C CCC 06
75 Andy Horace & Freddy Mckay  Talking Love TREBLE C CCC 07
75 Gayle Bonnie  Mellow Up Yourself  TREBLE C CCC 08
75 Moses Pablo  Blood Money  TREBLE C CCC 09
75 Locks Fred  Black Star Liner  TREBLE C CCC 010
75 Not Issued TREBLE C CCC 011
76 Chantells  Eva  TREBLE C CCC 012
76 Williams Delroy  Red Green And Gold (In My Garden) TREBLE C CCC 013
76 Pablo Augustus  Don Drummond  TREBLE C CCC 014
76 Dirty Harry & Bobby Ellis  Djamballa  TREBLE C CCC 015

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