Transdisc Records was a DIY label. And appears to have been owned by Emile Ford: All records that I have seen listed on the label were all by him, and his picture was on at least three of the labels.  The numbering system that it employed was something of a puzzle, and many numbers appear not to have been used.  TR-1 was used for two different singles, 'Red Red Wine' in 1980, and 'You Can Feel It' in 1983 - the latter was a picture disc.  TR-7, 'How Can I Live Without You', seems to have pre-dated both of them, coming out in 1979; it was manufactured by Orlake.  TR-8 was a song celebrating the royal wedding, and dates from 1982; it featured The Allisons as well as Emile Ford, and had a white label of a plainer design, without a picture.  It looks as though Transdisc didn't survive for long after the picture disc single.  There were also a couple of albums. See also 'Alpha'. Distributed By Transdisc Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

80 Emile Ford  Red Red Wine TRANSDISC  TR 1A
79 Not Traced TRANSDISC  TR 2
79 Not Traced TRANSDISC  TR 3
79 Not Traced TRANSDISC  TR 4
79 Not Traced TRANSDISC  TR 5
79 Not Traced TRANSDISC  TR 6
79 Emile Ford  Dance With Me Part One / Part Two TRANSDISC  TR 7A+
81 Emile Ford E & Allisons  The Royal Wedding Song  TRANSDISC  TR 8A
81 Emile Ford  How Can I Live Without You TRANSDISC  TR 7A
83 Emile Ford You Can Feel It TRANSDISC  TR 1

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