Transatlantic Records was one of the earliest successful independent record companies in this country, Transatlantic was founded in 1961 by Nat Joseph purely as an import company, but it soon moved into the field of record production.  After putting some money in the bank with a series of notorious but best-selling sex-instruction records the company moved on to less controversial and more musical ground, becoming a home for contemporary folk music, with such notables as Pentangle, the Dubliners, Ralph McTell and Bert Jansch on its books.  Transatlantic's musical policy was dictated by Joseph's tastes, which over the years led to an eclectic catalogue of albums, with Folk-Rockers Decameron and Dransfield rubbing shoulders with 'Medieval-Prog' band Gryphon and the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band - the Brighouse and Rastrick gave the company its biggest hit single in 1977, when its version of 'The Floral Dance' got to No.2 in the Charts.  Joseph also leased and imported material from US labels: obscure Classical records from Nonesuch, Jazz from Prestige and Milestone, etc.  In addition Transatlantic acted as distributor for a number of other labels - for example Jazz label Black Lion, and several Reggae labels such as Jama and Love.  In 1975 Joseph sold 75% of Transatlantic to Granada; he retained the remainder of his holding until 1977, when the company was sold to publishers Marshall Cavendish and was put under the wing of Logo Records, which Marshall Cavendish part-owned.  Most Transatlantic acts were transferred to the Logo label; the very occasional Transatlantic record came out until 1981 when the label disappeared.   Transatlantic singles first appeared in the early '60s, on a white-and-purple label; the logo changed in 1966 and had moved by the time 1970 came around.  From 1970-71 the company's singles were released on the Big T label, but in 1972 the Transatlantic label as such made a return, bearing a pinky-purple label and having catalogue numbers in the BIG-500s - '60s singles had been numbered in a TRA/SP-0 series, which reached at least TRA/SP-21.  The colour changed to red with TRA-509, and the legend in the banner shortened from ' Singled Out' to 'Single'.  Copies of at least two singles, BIG-519 and 521, were pressed in Holland: the vinyl shortage became acute in 1974, and lot of Transatlantic records were being pressed abroad.  Towards the end of 1974 the paper label was replaced by an injection-moulded one, which was manufactured by Phonodisc.  A change of design followed almost immediately, in early 1975, with the introduction of a balloon logo and a rather attractive company sleeve; this design could also be found on paper labels, which look to have been sourced from Pye.  For the most part these singles were coloured blue, but the odd red one appeared.  1976 saw a futher change of design: with BIG-556 the balloon logo went, to be replaced by a scroll; this time around red was the most common colour with blue only making an appearance every now and again.  Most of the scroll labels were injection moulded Phonodiscs, but the occasional paper one came out; the paper ones went well with the company sleeve.  May 1977 saw a brief returned to the balloon design, in blue, red or white paper labels; while the final three issues, which were cream coloured, went back even further to the 'transport' logo.  From 1968 Transatlantic started to distribute some of its own records, a task it shared with other firms at first.  At the very start of the '70s Decca and BIRD (a group of independent distributors including Lugton) were also handling the label, from the 1st of September 1970 main distribution would be switching to EMI.  EMI continued to do that job until Transatlantic's own distribution network grew sufficiently large to take it on, which it did in July 1972; the label was handled by Clyde Factors in Scotland.  Pressing was done by various companies: according to the same Billboard article for the middle of 1970 it had been done by CBS, British Homophone and IPC up to that point but was to gradually be taken over EMI.  The earliest BIG-era singles were manufactured by EMI but from the 1st of July 1972 RCA took over responsibility for that task: they only pressed albums at their own plant, however, singles being farmed out to CBS.  RCA were followed by a firm that I haven't as yet been able to identify; as stated above, at least couple of 1974 singles were pressed in Holland.  Phonodisc took up the baton around the start of 1975 and was responsible for the injection moulded records.  Pye did a stint in 1976, then came more Phonodisc injection moulded labels.  Transatlantics from the early part of the Logo period were pressed by mainly pressed by Decca and were distributed by Selecta - the Brighouse & Rastrick Band single can be found in a variety of contract pressings.  The last few Logo-era records, from 1978 onwards, were manufactured and distributed by RCA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Johnsons    Continental Trailways Bus  Transatlantic BIG 501
72 Monica & Voice Of Freedom Crying For Love Transatlantic BIG 502
72 Dixon Errol  Let The Love Shine Into Your Heart Transatlantic BIG 503
72 Nicholson Lea God Bless The Unemployed Transatlantic BIG 504
72 Johnsons    Streets Of London Transatlantic BIG 505
72 Skin Alley  You Got Me Danglin Transatlantic BIG 506
72 Watersons Rubber Band Transatlantic BIG 507
72 C M U Heart Of The Sun Transatlantic BIG 508
73 Unicorn   Cosmic Kid   Transatlantic BIG 509
73 Cartwright Dave My Delicate Skin Transatlantic BIG 510
73 Skin Alley  In The Midnight Hour  Transatlantic BIG 511
73 Stray  Hallelujah Transatlantic BIG 512
73 Cartwright Dave Cobweb Broom Transatlantic BIG 513
73 Skin Alley If I Only Had The Time Transatlantic BIG 514
73 Portsmouth Sinfonaia William Tell Overture Transatlantic BIG 515
73 Stray  Move It  Transatlantic BIG 516
73 James John Black And White Rag Transatlantic BIG 517
73 Contraband   Lady For Today  Transatlantic BIG 518
73 Digance Richard   Working Class Millionaire   Transatlantic BIG 519
73 Humblebums Coconut Tree Transatlantic BIG 520
74 Pasadena Roof Orchestra White Christmas Transatlantic BIG 521
75 Krazy Kong Return Of Kong Transatlantic BIG 522
75 Mae Mckenna   The Other Side Of Me  Transatlantic BIG 523
75 Randy Crazy Love Transatlantic BIG 524
75 Andrews Harvey & Graham Cooper From Today Transatlantic BIG 525
75 Quilapayśn Elegy (Elegia) Transatlantic BIG 526
75 Amin, Idi   Amazin' Man   Transatlantic BIG 527
75 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra Pasadena Transatlantic BIG 528
75 Grayhound Dream Lover Transatlantic BIG 529
75 Black Mikado London Cast The Sun And I Transatlantic BIG 530
75 Black Mikado London Cast So Please You Sir Transatlantic BIG 531
75 Magnificent Mercury Brothers   New Girl In School Transatlantic BIG 532
75 Griffiths Derek  Tit Wilow   Transatlantic BIG 533
75 Digance Richard  Rosemary Mclaren Of The Strand  Transatlantic BIG 534
76 Sadista Sisters   Black & White   Transatlantic BIG 535
76 Magnificent Mercury Brothers   Why Do Fools Fall In Love  Transatlantic BIG 536
76 Not Issued Transatlantic BIG 537
76 Andrews, Harvey   Man With A Gun  Transatlantic BIG 538
76 Pasadena Roof Orchestra It Don'T Mean A Thing Transatlantic BIG 539
76 Mae Mckenna   Crying In The Rain  Transatlantic BIG 540
76 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Dread Jaws  Transatlantic BIG 541
76 Worthing, Sonny  La Belle France Transatlantic BIG 542
76 Trader    Sweets For My Sweet  Transatlantic BIG 543
76 Sight & Sound Dance With Me Transatlantic BIG 544
76 Not Issued Transatlantic BIG 545
76 Not Issued Transatlantic BIG 546
76 Out To Lunch  Everything'S Nice  Transatlantic BIG 547
76 Brighouse And Rastrick Brass Band  The Floral Dance  Transatlantic BIG 548
76 Not Issued Transatlantic BIG 549
76 Not Issued Transatlantic BIG 550
76 Cribbins Bernard I Don'T Like Your Country Music Transatlantic BIG 551
76 Classicodisco Orchestra For Elsi Transatlantic BIG 552
76 Mae Mc Kenna  I Want To Believe In You  Transatlantic BIG 553
76 Pasadena Roof Orchestra Cheek To Cheek Transatlantic BIG 554
76 Worthing, Sonny  Head Over Heels Transatlantic BIG 555
76 Andrews Harvey Why Transatlantic BIG 556
76 Decameron   Dancing   Transatlantic BIG 557
76 Raymonde Ivor Orchestra Dickens Of London Theme Transatlantic BIG 558
76 Shearston Gary  A Whiter Shade Of Pale Transatlantic BIG 559
76 Metro  Criminal World Transatlantic BIG 560
77 Dennis Neil  Sally In The Moonlight Transatlantic BIG 561
77 Out To Lunch  This Is Your Life Transatlantic BIG 562
77 Mccalmans Romeo And Juliet Transatlantic BIG 563
77 Worthing, Sonny  La Belle France   Transatlantic BIG 564
77 Rafferty, Gerry   Mr. Universe   Transatlantic BIG 565
77 Wrigley Bernard Teabags In My Coffee Transatlantic BIG 566
78 Pentangle Light Flight Transatlantic BIG 567
79 Wootton Brenda Apple Wine Transatlantic BIG 568
81 Midland Phil And Friends   Brass Pinafore Transatlantic BIG 569
70 Stray Only What You Make It TRANSATLANTIC PROMO 1
71 Various Artists The Transatlantic Valentine TRANSATLANTIC MMS 1
73 Gryphon Glastonbury Carol TRANSATLANTIC GLA 1001
76 Brighouse And Rastrick Brass Band  The Floral Dance / Girl With The Flaxen Hair TRANSATLANTIC BIG 548
76 Purple Gang Granny Takes A Trip TRANSATLANTIC BIG 101
76 The Pasadena Roof Orchestra Special Christmas E.P. TRANSATLANTIC TEP 1
77 Tim Souster  Future Is Now TRANSATLANTIC TBG 1




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