Independent label: Tramp Records was founded by North Hertfordshire group Stonefield Tramp in 1974, after they'd failed to interest any major record company in their recordings.  The group issued one LP, 'Dreaming Again', on their own label before splitting up; its catalogue number, CF-247, was taken from a series used by Acorn Records.  Band member Terry Friend appears to have continued the label for a while after the split: he put out an album called 'Come The Day' credited to Terry Friend & Friends (THF-001) in 1977, and the following year saw the release of a single by the Bleach Boys, 'Chloroform' (THF-002).   Friend has continued to release the occasional recording using the THF-000 numerical series, 2012 seeing the issue of CDTHF-019, but the label name changed first to Paw and then to New Morning.  Pete Kiely of Stonefield Tramp was involved with another small label in the '70s: see Elephant (1979) Records. The Bleach Boys are a punk rock band originally from Hitchin in Hertfordshire who have been playing together since 1976. Originally known as the Fur Coughs. Their line up at the time was “Frankenstein” (Vocals), “Jimmy Jesus” (Bass), “Nuke” (Drums) and “Phnuff” (Guitar). Distributed By Tramp Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Terry Friend & Friends Come The Day (Album) TRAMP THF 001
78 Bleach Boys Chloroform TRAMP THF 002

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