Trafalgar Records was a DIY label. Based in London, the group named The Wild Country had a single on it, 'Silent Country', in 1970.  The catalogue number of that single was TRAF-01, and it was released on the 29th of May.  It tends to be listed under 'Folk' or 'Psych', on the rare occasions when it is listed at all; Sweet Floral Abion reportedly described it as 'mid-paced melancholic hippie folk-psych flavoured pop'.  Distributed By Trafalgar Records. Wild Country was Formed in 1969 and Disbanded in 1973 Band Members were Kevin (Spud) Murphy, drums, Simon Tedd (now Simon Scardinelli) Guitar, Michelle Fisher, vocals, Danny Balkwill, bass and Terry Keyworth (guitar). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Wild Country Silent Country TRAFALGAR TRAF 01

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