Tracksuit Records was a DIY label. From Hatfield, the only record on the Tracksuit label was 'Jah Jah Jah' by The Tracksuits, which had a catalogue number of JOG-1 and came out in 1979.  A band called I. Jog & The Tracksuits' had a single out in 1978, 'Red Box', on Tyger records; I assume they were the same outfit. Distributed By Tracksuit Records. The Tracksuits: were Graham Tracksuit - bass Piers Heavy Manners - drums Graham Tracksuit and Piers Heavy Manners - guitars Catchers - keyboards Graham Tracksuit - lead vocal. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 The Tracksuits Jah - Jah - Jah TRACKSUIT JOG 1

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