Independent label: Tortch Records was based in London, Tortch appears to have outdone many of its comtemporaries by surviving for long enough to issue seven singles / EPs, which were numbered in the TOR-100s, and one LP.  It was owned and run by Steve Budd, manager of The Directions, and it released a single by that band, 'Three Bands Tonite' (TOR-004; 1/80).  On the first release, Second Layer's 'Flesh As Property', the name of the company was given as 'Tortch-R'.  As can be seen in the scan, the label of that single was of a very basic design, being black with silver printing and having the name at the top in block capitals.  Pressing was by Lyntone, the matrix numbers being LYN-6650/51.  The remaining singles were pressed in France; all were injection moulded and all but the last were coloured silver.  The third, fourth and fifth of them have '1979' on the label, their release was delayed until January 1980. According to the sleeve the company was based in 27 Manor Road South Hinckley Wood, Surrey. Distributed By Tortch Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Second Layer  Flesh As Property E.P  TORTCH TOR 001
79 Cardiac Arrest A Bus For A Bus On A Bus [ Ep ] TORTCH TOR 002
79 Sound Physical World  [ Ep ] TORTCH TOR 003
79 Directions Three Bands Tonite TORTCH TOR 004
79 Scissor Fits Soon After Dark Ep  TORTCH TOR 005
80 Second Layer   State Of Emergency TORTCH TOR 006
80 Cymberlines Cymberlines TORTCH TOR 007
80 Sound Sound (Album) TORTCH TOR 008

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