Independent Reggae label: Torpedo Records was started by Eddie Grant and intended to feature mainly British artists; Grant sold it in 1972, because he was suffering from health problems at the time. Torpedo issued records in two separate periods: first in 1970, then in 1974-75.   It released fifty-seven singles, numbering them in a TOR-0 series; it reached TOR-28 before the break and the started up again at TOR-30.  The same basic label design was used from start to finish, but it came in several different colour schemes.  The 1970s releases were purple-on-lime-green; after the break the label turned sea-green and the printing was silver.  From TOR-37 onwards the purple-and-lime-green colour returned, the lime green turning yellow at times.  For the second half of its existence the label was part of the President family, and demos from that period have a large hollow red 'A' on them, after the President style of that period. Distributed By Enterprise and President Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Hot Rod Allstars Pussy Got Nine Life TORPEDO TOR 1
70 Silkie Davis Conversations TORPEDO TOR 2
70 Twinkle & Hot Rod All Stars Jook Jook TORPEDO TOR 3
70 James Winston  Gal You Think You Nice  TORPEDO TOR 4
70 Hot Rod Allstars Skinhead Don'T Fear TORPEDO TOR 5
70 James Winston  I May Never  TORPEDO TOR 6
70 Foster Les Run Like A Thief TORPEDO TOR 7
70 English Errol Open The Door To Your Heart TORPEDO TOR 8
70 English Errol Where You Lead TORPEDO TOR 9
70 Hot Rod Allstars Moonhop In London TORPEDO TOR 10
70 Groovy Winston Please Don'T Make Me Cry TORPEDO TOR 11
70 Silkie Davis When I Was A Little Girl TORPEDO TOR 12
70 Les & Silkie I Hear You Knocking TORPEDO TOR 13
70 Hot Rod Allstars Control Your Doggy TORPEDO TOR 14
70 Little Joe Bad Blood TORPEDO TOR 15
70 English Errol Sad Girl TORPEDO TOR 16
70 Paul Eugene & Pilots Sugar Dumpling TORPEDO TOR 17
70 Mackenzie Jet Combo Milkman'S Theme TORPEDO TOR 18
70 Sinclair Betty Why Why Why TORPEDO TOR 19
70 Marshell Willie Loosen Up Strong Man TORPEDO TOR 20
70 Urban Clearway Open Up Wide TORPEDO TOR 21
70 English Errol Sha La La La Lee TORPEDO TOR 22
70 Reid Nehemiah Mafia TORPEDO TOR 23
70 Rupie Martin'S All Stars Last Flight TORPEDO TOR 24
70 Sylvin & Glenroy What Am I Gonna Do Bout It TORPEDO TOR 25
70 Rupie Martin'S All Stars Musical Container TORPEDO TOR 26
70 Little Brother Baby Don'T Let Me Down TORPEDO TOR 27
70 Little Brother Grant Let'S Do It Together TORPEDO TOR 28
70 Not Issued TORPEDO TOR 29
74 Grant Eddy  My Queen Tonight  TORPEDO TOR 30
74 Marco  Do Me Bump  TORPEDO TOR 31
74 Jarvis Steve  Every Step I Made  TORPEDO TOR 32
75 Marco  I'M Coming Home  TORPEDO TOR 33
75 Isaacs Gregory  Tomorrow'S Sun May Never Shine  TORPEDO TOR 34
75 Boothe Ken Lady With The Starlight  TORPEDO TOR 35
75 Junior & The Cool Notes  Curly Locks  TORPEDO TOR 36
75 Osbourne Johnny  Put Away Your Gun  TORPEDO TOR 37
75 King Peter  My Eyes Adore You  TORPEDO TOR 38
75 Stewart Roman  Loving Arms  TORPEDO TOR 39
75 Clark Eric  Fight Against Babylon  TORPEDO TOR 40
75 Higgs Joe  My Baby Still Loves Me  TORPEDO TOR 41
75 Dowe Brent  No Sweeter Way  TORPEDO TOR 42
75 Jonas Johnny  Happy Birthday  TORPEDO TOR 43
75 Jerry & The Bluebells  Girls  TORPEDO TOR 44
75 Ford Alvin  Tears On My Pillow  TORPEDO TOR 45
75 Melodians  I'Ll Take You Where The Music'S Playing  TORPEDO TOR 46
75 Marcia Griffiths  Survival  TORPEDO TOR 47
75 Taylor Tyrone  Move Up Blackman  TORPEDO TOR 48
75 Mckenzie Nina  Single Girl  TORPEDO TOR 49
75 Isaacs Gregory  Help Us Get Over  TORPEDO TOR 50
75 Negril  I Shot The Sheriff  TORPEDO TOR 51
75 Mowatt Judy & Gaytones  Too Good For Me  TORPEDO TOR 52
75 Grant Eddy  Nobody'S Got Time (Part 1)  TORPEDO TOR 53
75 Boothe Ken Say You  TORPEDO TOR 54
75 Buster Pearson  La-La-La  TORPEDO TOR 55
75 John & Jesse  One Man Woman  TORPEDO TOR 56
75 Buster Pearson  Take It Easy TORPEDO TOR 57
75 Shirley Roy  Heartbreaking Gypsy  TORPEDO TOR 58



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