Independent Reggae label: Tops Records was owned by Glen Darby and run from his record shop in Acre Lane, Brixton.  Tops issued at least nine singles, in a TOPS-000 series. There's no date on the label of the singles shown, the company's period of operation as 1976-78.  After the first nine issues the company abandoned 7" issues and concentrated on the increasingly popular 12" single format, as did several other Reggae labels.  As can be seen, there were several different label designs: the label of the very first release resembled that of the second scan shown but without the blue border. Distributed By Tops Records. Top Records Former address: 120 Acre Lane, London SW2. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Delroy Wilson I'Ve Been In Love TOPS TOPS 001
79 Twinkle Brothers Don'T Let It End  TOPS TOPS 002
79 Ethiopians I Need Someone TOPS TOPS 003
79 C Stewart Babylon A Turn Them Back TOPS TOPS 004
79 Sharron Black Struggling TOPS TOPS 005
79 Sharron Black Troubled Times TOPS TOPS 006
79 Horace Andy My Soul TOPS TOPS 007
79 Winston Samuels Licket Forward TOPS TOPS 008
79 Jah-Lites The Messiah TOPS TOPS 009

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