Top Deck Records was a short-lived independent label, operating out of London.  It issued at least two singles: TD-001 was 'Voodoo Magic', by The Hep-O-Lites, while TD-003 was 'Don't Make Promises', by the Hippolytes - presumably the same group was involved in both cases; Cletus Hippolyte is listed as being a director of the company, which suggests that it was a family-based business.   The singles shown both tend to appear in Reggae lists, but the second is in fact in Soulful Pop territory.  Both of those singles were released in 1977. Top Deck did their own distribution; the second example shown was pressed by Pye. Distributed By Top Deck Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Hep-O-Lites  Voodoo Magic TOP DECK TD 001
77 Mandy Ann Your Mama & Papa TOP DECK TD 002
77 Hippolytes Don'T Make Promises TOP DECK TD 003

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